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Amber O'Neal just recently stepped back into the ring. She was busy making a name for herself when she suffered a knee injury that sidelined her for almost a year. Amber says she made it through the surgery and the tough rehab by concentrating her thoughts on getting back in the ring. Well, she's back and better than ever. She definitely didn't spend those months loafing around. She looks great and she hasn't lost a step in the ring either. Amber is back on a fulltime wrestling schedule so watch for her in a town near you.

Amber O'Neal (aka Amber Holly, Kimberly Davis)
Height: 5"8
Weight: 143 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Hometown: Raleigh,NC
Birthdate: June 22
Year started wrestling: 1999
Style of wrestling: Technical style with some hi-flying
Finishers: Bodyscissors chokehold (I call the crotchrocket) and superkick (I call the kickstand)
Trained at: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Academy in Charlotte, NC by Leilani Kai and Gary Royal
How It all started: -Basically I became a huge wrestling fan in early 1990's. When I saw how they were starting to incorporate the women, Sable, Jacqueline, and Tori were the main ones then, I kept thinking I would love to do that. So I started researching how I could become a female wrestler. I found out you had to go to a training camp. I called Mid-Atlantic Wreslting Academy in Charlotte, talked to Strawberry Fields. She owned the school and was a well known female wrestler as well. She invited me to come down and check out the school. I went, I loved it, and I have never looked back. Here I am and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Amber's Official Site

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