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This blond grappler has been turning heads all of her life and now in the ring too! She's beauty in motion but don't let her pretty girl looks fool you. Angel has skills. She goes after what she wants with passion and what she wants is gold around her waist. She started out as a manager but always knew she belonged in the ring. This lady trains hard and hits harder. Beware when you step in the ring with Angel Williams!

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Grey
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Birthdate: September 13
Year started wrestling: August 2000
Style of wrestling: High flyer but also mat technician
Finishing move: Reverse Russian Leg Sweep (Flatliner)
Where you trained at: Squared Circle Training in Toronto, Ontario Canada
How it all started: I have loved wrestling since the age of 7. I was on the internet one day when I was 18 and was chatting with a friend who was a ring announcer for some indy promotions. He hooked me up with a bunch of websites and promoter's email addresses so I could try and get myself booked on some shows. My very first show was August 18th, 2000 for the Hardcore Wrestling Federation. I managed Dangerboy Derek Wylde. From there, I met more new people, made new contacts, worked more shows all leading up to where I am today!

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