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Having known GeeStar for a couple of years but never having gotten the chance to see her wrestle until recently, the first thing that comes to mind is that this lady really loves this crazy business. She gets a glow about her when she talks about shows and matches that she's wrestled. The assumption was made that GeeStar knew what she was doing. We heard about her on the internet and through mutual acquiantances. Then we saw her have a match and realized that not only does she love the business, she actually can wrestle too!! Watch out for this lady- she has a bright future in wrestling!
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 175lbs
Hair: Brown w/ blonde highlights
Eyes: Grey/blue
Hometown: Oakboro, NC
Birthdate: December 6
Year started wrestling: 2001
Style of wrestling: I prefer old school...I love a heel beating up a babyface .
Finisher: GVD (Death Valley Driver), the STF, and the Gannosuke clutch

How it all started: Growing up in a small country town just east of Charlotte, NC; I was exposed to the world of professional wrestling at a very early age. My daddy was a religious NWA watcher and I caught on during it's heyday of the mid-1980s. My sister and I would argue over which one of us would marry Ricky and which would marry Robert. ;) Once college rolled around, my calling seemed to be in medicine, possibly veterinarian, but I still had a dream of working in "the biz" but not in front of the camera, but rather in a backstage medical position. I ended up dropping out of college due to the passing of one of my very best friends, Kerri, who I will always love with all my heart and never forget.

It was during this crossroads in my life that I met Grant "Statmark" Sawyer over the Internet, who dabbled in the occasional Independent wrestling scene around the Carolinas. Through my association with him, my knowledge on the business grew and somehow or another ended up training with him on that fateful day in Graham, North Carolina on March 3, 2001. We would train under the guidance of the man who would quickly become one of my most respected associates, the Gemini Kid. Gemini had spent 10+ years in the NC Indy scene, working with many of the greats that would go onto become superstars in the WWF. Albeit unintentionally, and I mean this in the humblest of statements, I was the star of the training session. The star to the extent that I was actually offered a spot on the show that night. It was a simple enough spot...all I had to do was be introduced as the newest CWF/FWA-Carolinas trainee and get my head clotheslined off by Heavyweight champion Jeff Justice. And as they say, the rest is history. The "GeeStar" name (not Gee-Star, Gee Star, or G-Starr) came about rather simply. It's just an abbreviation of my real name which hopefully will hold up in a court of law if that copyright issue ever comes up. :) I made actual match debut on 6/9/01 in what I would like to think was a very acceptable debut in mixed tag team action.

Over the next year, my war with the Hirydaz [Amber Holly (now O'Neal) and Mikael Yamaha] would establish my name in this crazy business. In 2002 things really took off as I continued my never ending improvement wrestling-wise and became a founding member of the strongest force in the Southern Indys, the Hostile Youth Project (or HYP for short). Rather than being just "another wrestling angle" confined to one specific promotion, HYP became such a powerful force it invaded no less than 5 different promotions during 2002. However, HYP leader Brad Stutts and myself would butt heads on philosophical differences which would lead to me leaving HYP on the group's 1 year anniversary, 4/26/03. From there, I would fall into a different faction, but one that was just as real as the original HYP, albeit in a total different way. Corey Edsel, Brass Munkey, American Steel Ninja, and myself formed "The Crew" on 5/3/03 and through our real-life friendship, proved once again that a wrestling angle is never more powerful than when it is REAL. In such a short time, I have been lucky enough to work with some of the absolute best in Indy wrestling today and have met some of the most wonderful people that have ever entered my life. Whatever the future holds, I look forward to each and every moment that this crazy business throws my way.

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