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Height: 5'5"
Weight: 122 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Hometown: Gotham City, FL
Birthdate: May 21st
Year Started Wrestling: 2006
Style of Wrestling: New school meets old school! Technical meets high-flying with a splash of martial arts. (Shaken not stirred)
Finisher: Dinner-to-go, Critical Confirmation
How it All Started: I've watched wrestling ever since I was in diapers, but had no clue I could train to do it at a real school until I moved to Orlando, FL way later in life. I was told by many friends & peers, since I did dancing & stunts and loved wrestling so much, that I should look into the local schools. My reaction-There's wrestling schools!?! Sign me up!!!
Since 2006, I have trained under Bubba & D-von and still currently train at the Team 3D Academy. From my first bump to my first Bubba chop to my first match, I keep finding reasons to be hooked. Its a mixture of all elements of performing and sports; the perfect blend. Im just so happy to be a part of it! ;D

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