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Height: 5'6"
Weight: 156 lbs
Hair: Flame Red
Eyes: Hazel
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Birthdate : September 29th
Year started wrestling: October of 1990
Style of wrestling: Technical/Submission
Finishing moves: Full Nelson applied with the legs or a guillotine choke (I rarely go for the pin, I want the tapout).

How it all started: No T and A here, no friends and no respect for anyone they come in contact with. With pure wrestling ability, and a thirst for destruction, completely encompassed in evil, there is no gimmic necessary. Simone's great grandfather worked for legendary promoter Leroy McGuirk, and she was blessed with growing up around many of the greats, so it was only natural for Simone to progress into the ring, however, her family refused to support her, so Simone began her formal training with Gentleman Chris Adams, learning her craft well. Being gifted with a strong background in submission wrestling, she has caused havoc in the wars of pro wrestling ever since. Molotov has just recently surfaced--showing herself for the first time in Monterrey, Mexico--launching a brutal attack on Simone's arch enemy, Princess Sugey.

Don't let the bad attitudes and crazed look in their eyes fool you though, Simone and Molotov are two of the most technically sound wrestlers--male or female--that anyone could ever hope to observe in action. Either can dazzle you with an array of submissions, mixed with suplexes and power moves that will shock and amaze you...or they can simply beat your brains out with everything they can get their hands on, from barbwire baseball bats to the kitchen sink. Both of these ladies love to wrestle. Whether their opponents are men or women, they love any kind of match. Simone's one true love in wrestling is a submission style match, as she always looks for an opening to apply a sugar or grovette to her opponent. Molotov is always looking for a reason to hit someone with a barbwire baseball bat, light bulbs or anything else she can get her hands on, and she prefers the hardcore style match over all others. To all who cross the paths of these two women: Beware!...for they will put themselves in harm's way to cause pain and agony!

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