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For every winner in a match there's got to be a loser as well and today's Xmas gallery showcases some of the endings that we shot over the years.


It's also an update day so we have another photoset as well-it's Brandi Wine and Taryn Shay from the 3 digit days of SLAMpegs!
Still need more? There's also another gallery from Monday's Members Match!

brandi vs taryn brandi vs taryn

Be back here tomorrow for a big pre-fame gallery, another sale and some new videos!!


Today's gallery is all about the wacky faces that sometimes happen during matches. These aren't goofy selfies-just heat of the moment hard-fought competition reactions. Or something.



Great Bouncing Iceburgs-where did THAT year go?
Here it is time again to reflect back, be jostled by the hustle and the bustle and to be with the ones that we love for as long as we can (take it). We hope that your year was a pleasant one or that your next year will be something to look forward to.

Everywhere it's Christmas at the end of every year and we're here to bring the fun, the free and the fiesty over the course of a dozen days. Look for specially assembled galleries devoted to a number of topics as well as some complete photosets of matches (compiled using mystery themes...). We do our best to give you not-previously-released materials. No Best Ofs or members area samples here. As you might imagine though, we have pretty deep archives and sometimes haphazard recordkeeping, so please be charitable if we end up re-posting something.
We'll also be doing about a dozen sales here and on SLAMpegs.com. Big saving and complex deals over the coming days, like we always do. Mathing can equals fun-just try it and see!

Though it's been said many times many ways, in these days of look at me-me-me-media, be kind, bring and spread joy and make with a little extra patience! Enjoy the season and we hope that you'll check in with us each day up to the big eve's eve to see what we have to share.
Snowplace elf does it up like us and we hope this sleigh ride's together with you!

mary vs kimber

We kick it off today with La Rosa Negra and Leah Vaughan in a fierce photoset from SLAMpeg 2086! Look for the link graphic on the Home page and get to the action.

You've been supporting us lo these many years and we thank you and wish you the joy of the season!


We knew them when-today's update features Crazy Mary Dobson and Kimber Lee!

mary vs kimber mary vs kimber

Hey-big doins' tomorrow! Be here as the Countdown to Christmas begins with sales, galleries and fun fun fun! There's snow good reason to miss this one!


Today we bring you shots from a fiery match between Angel Rose and Thunder Rosa!

angel vs thunder angel vs thunder


Ready for the first of many updates for December? Here's a pretty recently filmed match between Dominique Fabiano and Jayme Jameson.
dominique vs jayme dominique vs jayme

What more is coming up? Let's just say that next week, business is going to pickup!


Tag match action to fill out the month of November with Evie, Kellie Skater, Madison Eagles and Nicole Matthews. How can you go wrong?

tag tag

Also worth noting is that we've got another $5 deal over on the Kharma vid page. Do yourself and others some good!

First of the month tomorrow so stop by for the newest Free Gallery and for 30 new SLAMpegs as well.


Big post-holiday Monday here with a new video match and a One Day Only Sale! Hopefully you're reading this day of.

The video is a match featuring Amber Nova and Kaci Lennox.

amber vs kaci amber vs kaci

The sale is a Buy One Get One Free SLAMpegs sale that you can read about on our Twitter feed
and then take advantage of on SLAMpegs.
Thousands to choose from, but only one day to do it! Get there before bedtime EST.


Here on the Holiday-and maybe you are too? If not, hope that you had a good one. If it's not a holiday for you, then please carry on carrying on.

Thankfully, we have this match photogallery between Kennadi Brink and Luscious Latasha to help you through a long weekend.
Feast your eyes...

kennadi vs latasha kennadi vs latasha

No Black Friday to speak of around these parts, but there may do some Cyber Monday action-monitor our Twitter
for the info.


Going into the archives a smidge this week to bring you Jessie McKay facing Rain!

jessie vs rain jessie vs rain

Yes, we will be here on Thursday for your wrestling needs!


2 photgallery updates today with Solo Darling in quite the size mis-match against Tommy Taylor and then some great classic photos featuring Luna Vachon and others!

solo vs tommy classics


Monday match time once again and we post for you this one between Cherry Bomb and Su Yung!

cherry vs su cherry vs su

It was quite the busy visit from the international-many thanks to both foreign and domestic talents for their hard work and dedicatiion to all things wrestling! You've got an amazing slate of matches coming your way.
Speaking of which, be on our properties on Wednesday for 5 great new SLAMpegs releases!


Great action from SLAMpeg 3329 with Kiera Hogan facing Nina Monat in today's new photoset!

kiera vs nina kiera vs nina


First match of November is here-Sin-D vs Stormie Lee!

sin-d vs stormie sin-d vs stormie


3 photosets just added today-Layne Rosario takes on Nixon Newell, a set of shots from Monday's match and the compiled Daily SLAMs from October!

layne vs nixon layne vs nixon


We've got quite the week upcoming-and it starts here with a new video with Leva and Solo Darling! And a newly assigned Kharma vid..

leva vs solo leva vs solo

Then, tomorrow, it would be a grave mistake not to come by for our 2017 Halloween Spooktacular match-it's frightfully good!
Wednesday you'll get 30 new SLAMpegs and a new Free Gallery.
Then, on Thursday, it's the first Update of November! We'll be lurking for you...


A new addition to our Posed Photos Gallery, we've got a photos-only match between Gabi Castrovinci and Ivelisse as the update. We've also thrown in a set of shots from the Monday match!

gabi vs ivelisse gabi vs ivelisse


A recent visitor to our shores, Lady Chardonnay Darcy squares off with Jayme Jameson in our new members match today!

jayme vs lady jayme vs lady


Third Thursday time again-Have a look at a great gallery featuring Renee Michelle and CJ O'Doyle as well as another Classics gallery with lots of rare Kat Laroux and Misty Blue.

renee vs cj classics

We've got a couple of shoots upcoming-check out our list on the Customs page. Things change all the time, so keep checking and get in on the action!


Finally new match day (not counting the 5 that we posted yesterday over on SLAMpegs) and it's Amber O'Neal being pretty dominating over Katie Forbes!

amber vs katie amber vs katie


It's our 500th original action photoset! Well, not really a meaningful milestone because we've got lots of other photosets in numerous other catagories, but it does jazz up this notice a bit. Have a look at a favorite match between Lacey and Sara Del Rey!

lacey vs sara lacey vs sara

Come by this weekend for the release of 5 new SLAMpegs to thrill and chill you!


From our auxiliary studio comes this contest between D'Arcy Dixon and the ever-tough Miss Rachel.

dixon vs miss rachel dixon vs miss rachel


Photoset today from a future release between Jessicka Havok and Kathy the Kitten.

jessicka vs kathy jessicka vs kathy


Rocktober, Shocktober, whatever-we're kicking it offwith a match featuring Mia Yim and Tracy Taylor!

mia vs tracy mia vs tracy

Hope you came by yesterday to see our latest SLAMpegs releases. If you didn't there's 30 awesome new matches for you to discover!


Wrapping up the month with an assortment of shots from a fairly recent release featuring Devyn Nicole and Tracy Taylor.

devyn vs tracy devyn vs tracy

Keep an eye or 2 out for our Mega new SLAMpegs releases coming up mid-day Sunday October the 1st!


Last video match o' the month-Ivelisse and Nevaeh get it on!

ivelisse vs nevaeh ivelisse vs nevaeh


It's that Third Thursday time again and we've got an intergender 3 Way match with Allysin Kay, Chico Adams and the much-missed Wayne Van Dyke (or is the Richard Delicious period?) and some swell and rare shots of ladies wrestling in moves and on television!

allysin_chico_wayne classics


So many plates spun this past weekend--but it all still happened. Yay us!
As to today, check out this new match between Amanda Rodriguez and Cherry Layne!

amanda vs cherry amanda vs cherry


We're back and you never knew we were gone!
Have a look at a set of photos from a recent release featuring Evie and Kellie Skater!

evie vs kellie evie vs kellie

Stop by tomorrow and see our 5 new video releases!


Big time size mismatch in today's new video with Andrea and Thea Trinidad!

andrea vs thea andrea vs thea


The late-in-the-week update is here and it's a doubleshot of last month's Daily SLAMs and photos from a hard-fought match between Angela and Jayme Jmaeson.

angela vs jayme angela vs jayme

(Barring Internet downage...) See you on the other side.


Long weekend is almost over, but not before we update with a match between Luscious Latasha and Marti Belle.

latasha vs marti latasha vs marti


We wrap up the month with Ray Lyn and Santana having at it-

ray lyn vs santana ray vs santana

Then we're back tomorrow with a new batch of 30 matches over on SLAMpegs and a relevant new Free Gallery right here!
Enjoy the long weekend-or at least try and stay safe...


Back to run out the last week of August-beginning with this great new match between Amber O'Neal and La Rosa Negra.

amber vs la rosa amber vs la rosa

Need a little turnaround in your affairs? Check out our latest Kharma video update over here.


Long-time rivals April Hunter and Nikki Roxx are featured in today's new gallery!

april vs nikki april vs nikki

As always, some tinkering has gone on with our next shoot list, so take a look and see if things have adjusted in your favor.


We bring the thunder today with Santana facing Thunder Rosa!

santana vs rosa santana vs rosa


Third Thursday is here: We've got a great photos-only match between Dementia D'Rose and Chasyn Rance and a selection of rare Japanese classics!

dementia vs chasyn classics

Took a little summer break, but we're back with a shoot list for mid-September that should catch everyone's attention. Please have a look on the Customs page and support the cause!


Larger ladies tangle in today's new match with Malibu vs Miss Rachel.

malibu vs ms rachel malibu vs ms rachel

Stop by tomorrow for 5 new matches over on the sister site, SLAMpegs.com!


Jayme Jameson vs Lacey is the focus of today's newest photogallery. Check it out, won't you?

jayme vs lacey jayme vs lacey


No last names necessary in today's contest with Saraya and Serena!

saraya vs serena saraya vs serena


It doesn't get a lot better than Jessicka Havok and LuFisto and that's the gallery that we have for you today!

jessicka vs lufisto jessicka vs lufisto

Hopefully you've checked out our 30 newest matches over on SLAMpegs, but if you haven't do it. Now!


We've come to the end of our 13th Anniversary month. We posted a lot of great bonus materials from all over the history of SLAMminLadies-hopefully you'll see the benefits of keeping a membership to the site and help to us continue on and make new matches with new talent as well as your perennial faves.
We sincerely appreciate anyone that joins the site, but those that maintain their subs are the backbone of what we do and help us to keep that train arollin'.

How about we finish things up with a great match between Shazza McKenzie and Su Yung!

shazza vs su shazza vs su

Tomorrow's the first of the month and we're back to our regular schedule. That means one new Free Gallery and then 30 new matches-be sure to check out both sites for all of the best of the Indys!


Time flies by in so many ways-here's our last bonus gallery for July. It's from a match that we can't believe happened way back in SLAMpeg 2662 and it's between Kennadi Brink and Randi West in their street fightin' togs.

kennadi vs randi

We've also posted our final bonus matches over at SLAMpegs.com-5 new matches and one final sale!

There's one more surprise coming Sunday, then the last posting for the month on Monday which will close out a busy and fun 13th for us. Hope that you enjoyed the looks back and ahead, the fun and the drama and appreciated the sweat equity that these ladies and guys put into what they do for you.


For the forward thinking among you we've got today's new photoset from an unreleased match between Santana and Solo Darling. We've also got a short set from Monday's match.

santana vs solo santana vs solo

Last day of this week's sale. We'll squeeze in one more of some kind before month's end, but get what you can while you can.
Also, keep watch on our Twitter feed for something or anything...


More Jennifer Blake, this time against Lacey in our last Whensday update for the month!

jen vs lacey


July's final Tuesday-the last of our 2 vs 1 galleries.
Jennifer Blake puts up a brave fight against the combined forces of Lexie Fyfe and Malia Hosaka.

jen vs lexie/malia


Next video up-Kiera Hogan vs Vanessa Kraven in a real size mis-match!

kiera vs vanessa kiera vs vanessa

Over the weekend weset a new Kharma video over on SLAMpegs, so please have a look at that half price deal. And while you're there take advantage of the current sale as well!


Friday is here again and this time it's Jessie Belle and Sassy Stephie that square off in less than regulation attire.

jessie belle vs stephie


From the very recent to the far-flung past, we've got you covered!
I't the third Thursday of the month, so we've got some intergender with Ivelisse and Shane Andrews as well as some great Classics with Ann Casey, Kat Laroux and bunches that we could use some help identifying!

ivelisse vs shane classics

Tomorrow brings some new SLAMpegs and ladies in their scufflin' clothes!


Vault plundering time as we dive all the way back to SLAMpeg #315!

christie vs rain


Three ladies make and break teams during the length of today's bonus update!



July chugs along with Brandi Wine and Justine Silver in a today's new match!

brandi vs justine brandi vs justine


Another Friday and another Out of Gear Gallery, this time with Athena facing Marti Belle.

athena vs marti

We've also got 5 new matches and a sale going on over at SLAMpegs!

We're about halfway through the month already. Let us know if you've been enjoying the extra galleries. Hopefully you've been checking them out and it's made you curios about some of the corresponding matches. See you Sunday with some fun!


More flying & flinging action with today's new gallery with Kay Lee Ray and KC Cassidy.

kay lee vs kc kay lee vs kc


Can you remember all the way back to the 200s? Don't really need to because they're still all for sale, but come with us now and relive a SLAMpegs 200s match between Lorelei Lee and Malia Hosaka for the Whensday update!

lorelei vs malia


Tuesdays in July mean 2 on 1 encounters and we bring you shots from an energetic meeting between Jessie Belle, Kimberly and Mickie Knuckles.

jessiebelle kimberly mickie


This one was originally scheduled for next week, but we've moved it to this week for obvious reasons. Kept in the vault for longer than it probably should have been and neither lady is in her prime, but it's still great to see them working together.

diane vs joyce joyce vs diane


Friday's here and it brings you 5 new matches over on SLAMpegs and the first of our Out of Uniform galleries here!

april vs kristin


Continuing on, today's photogallery update features newcomers Amber Nova and Mila Naniki from one of their first shoots with us! Plus a small gallery from the Monday match.

amber vs mila amber vs mila

Who will take part in Casual Friday? Come by tomorrow and see.
A 5 new SLAMpegs too!


Dipping way back for Whensday as we uncover a set of photos from SLAMpeg 116!

amber vs persephone


If you rea--lly stretched it, this one could be more patriotic than it is, but it's mostly just the Tuesday Twosome update with Christina Von Eerie and Lorelei Lee beating down Saraya from SLAMpeg 1476.



It's got to happen, you can't skip over it-Our 13th Anniversary is here, but there's not a trace of triskaidekaphobia to be found!
Time and the site roll on and we're going to celebrate like we just hit our teens with lots of extra content, more new matches with some of the best wrestlers (signed and unsigned!) in the world and even some fun on the weekends.

To wit, here's what we're thinking is going to happen:
Monday's will be our regular new match video day, Tuesdays are Twosome Tuesdays with some great one-vs-two galleries, Wednesday mutates into Whensday with some classics from the pre-1000s, Thursdays will be our usual photogallery days, Fridays will showcase some photosets with our ladies out of their usual gear during matches and then Sundays are fun days with some breaking the 4th wall features.
Expect to see some bonus SLAMpegs releases on every Friday of the month as well. And some sales!

Sounds like a lot of work, but you know what? You're worth it. You've kept us going for lo these many years as we found our feet and turned into one of the steadiest suppliers of Indy wrestling to be found on the Net. We certainly could not have of foreseen that we'd be able to be doing this this long and the growth that we'd undergo.

While we're at it, let's also take a moment to thank the support staff that writes up the monthly SLAMpegs releases and that prop us up on shoot days. The dedication of wrestling fans and wrestlers is unique and we're very thankful for the diligence. This literal Mom and Pop situation may not be the flashiest, but we're probably the most dedicated to the cause.
If you have an idea and you think you can hang in there, things can happen for you. Follow your passion. And follow us as we chug through this month with lots and lots of wrestling!

Got to shoot with a small group of some of our favorites yesterday, so our year is off to a good start.

We'll assume that you're ready to go and open things up with a video featuring Renee Michelle and Santana that's as action packed as any you'll see.

renee vs santana renee vs santana

See you tomorrow and many more days this month for lots of great content, some of which will be up for this month only-Never a better time to continue or renew your membership!


Last photoset of the month-Justine Silver faces Luscious Latasha from SLAMpeg 1878 should you like how the match goes.

justine vs latasha justine vs latasha

We are days away from the site formally entering its teen years and we're prepared for July to be one stocked month! Be here starting Saturday for new matches on SLAMpegs.com, a new free gallery and then on Monday for the start of 6 day content weeks!


Doesn't get much better than pitting Angel Williams against Taylor Made and that's the update we've got as today's new match!

angel vs taylor angel vs taylor

June is winding down and we're ramping up to July-look for lots of amazing updates, extra match releases and more during the upcoming Anniversary month!


It's power vs power today with Kellie Skater battling Miss Rachel! Plus a small gallery of shots from Monday's match.

kellie vs miss rachel kellie vs miss rachel


The legendary Sumie Sakai finally makes a return to our ring and squares off with Vanessa Kraven!

sumie vs vanessa sumie vs vanessa


It's the third Thursday, so we've got intergender action and some awesome classics.
Allysin Kay takes on Mike Reed in an action-filled gallery, then we've got a broad selection of classic photos ranging from the Sandy Parker days to the Judy Martin days and to some ultra-rare Misty Blue (look for more of that in the coming months!).

allysin vs mike classics

We've also got a short gallery from Monday's match. And 5 new matches over on SLAMpegs!
Lots to see and do...


Ready for a great match between Kimberly and Rain? Hope so!

kimberly vs rain kimberly vs rain

We took a little time away from the cameras, but we've cranked things up again. We're shooting this week and we've got an announcement about our next shoot which is just around the corner. Have a look at the Customs page for an international set of talent that'll be here soon!


Athena and Jessicka Havok lead you into your weekend with shots from SLAMpeg 2736!

athena vs jessicka athena vs jessicka


Today we bring you a dirty fighting little ref-less contest between Amy Love and Su Yung!

amy vs su amy vs su

And, while we've got you here, let us just say Thanks for your support. When we post a load of new videos with the hopes that they'll sell to people that will enjoy them and also allow us to film more with the income, it kind of breaks the spirit to see some of them posted within days to various files sharing sites around the Net.
We're a little engine that can't if we don't sell all that we can within the small market that is ladies wrestling fandom (same goes for all of the other 1 and 2 person run outfits you see rampantly pirated, if we're inclusive), so we're grateful for all of you that prop us up with your purchases and then your ethics.
If you see a company's material re-posted where it shouldn't be, drop that company an email and let them know. Like those kids in the gymnasium say: We're all in this together...


Today is a good day with 30 new matches now available over on SLAMpegs, a new Free Gallery and today's new photogallery!

angel vs kay lee angel vs kay lee


Fierce follicular frenzy today with La Rosa Negra doing a number on the locks of Leah Von Dutch.

larosa vs leah larosa vs leah

When next we chat we'll have a new update, a new Free Gallery and a new batch of SLAMpegs to tell you about!


The legendary Leilani Kai wrestles fan favorite Portia Perez in today's new photoset. If youre sure that the lady in the pink and black will win, you'd be correct!

leilani vs portia leilani vs portia

Also a gallery from Monday's Match.


News Flashes!
Great new match with world class ladies Kay Lee Ray and Santana, just so as not bury the lede.

kaylee vs santana kaylee vs santana

Then we've got our line-up for the an upcoming shoot in June (see the Customs page for details and personnel) AND a new $5 Kharma match over on SLAMpegs!


Got you covered with Intergender Thursday's Candice LaRae and Joey Ryan and new batch of oldies. As happens sometimes, we cannot identify all of the oldies, so if you've got any ideas we'd appreciate you letting us know who might just be who.

candice vs joey classics


New match time and we have Aerial Monroe punishsing the 'do of Amber Nova. 'Do have a look!

aerial vs amber aerial vs amber

Be sure to have a peek at SLAMpegs as we've just released some remarkable finds from the vaults-Some Daffney, Lexie Fyfe, Lacey, Malia Hosaka matches that got passed over and have finally gotten a well-deserved release!


Amazing Kong is on the attack and Josie is the prey in today's new gallery from SLAMpeg 1433!

josie vs kong josie vs kong

There's also a small gallery of shot's from the Monday match.

New updates here and there on Monday!


Gabby Gilbert recently returned to our ring and today's update is from that shoot as she squares off with Amazing Maria!

gabby vs maria gabby vs maria

Had some inquiries about upcoming shoots and here's the deal: We'll be having a smaller one coming up mid-June and then a larger one during the first week of July. Roster as it comes together, so keep an eye on our Customs page for all of the details!


We don't have to hit you over the head with these things, right? You can wield a search engine.
With that in mind, today's new photoset features Davina Rose and Rhia O'Reilly from a shoot date with fortuitous timing!
Meesa think you gonna like it!

davina vs rhia davina vs rhia

Also, Force yourself to have a look at the short gallery from Monday's Match and the collected April Dailys.


Check out our newest Free Gallery as well as the latest video update with Miss Rachel and Solo Darling!
ms rachel vs solo ms rachel vs solo

Then, over on SLAMpegs, we've got a batch of 30 new matches, many shot last month with a couple of debuts and some new favorites featured!


Today's photoset update between Aja Perera and Kiera Hogan falls into the Posed Action Galleries section. Longtime fans know that's synonimus with not shot during a video. The More You Know...

aja vs kiera aja vs kiera

See you Monday for a new month, new videos, a new free gallery and the update. Yeah buddy!


Saraya is her usual no-nonsense dominant self in today's Update video gainst Jessie McKay!

jessie vs saraya jessie vs saraya


Jason Cade dominates the unorganized team of Shazza McKenzie and Su Yung and we've got some great classic photos in black and white and (surprise!) color!

shazza/su vs jason classics


Post holiday and we've got this unique match between Gabi Castrovinci and Vanessa Kraven. What's so unique about it? Watch and see!

gabi vs vanessa gabi vs vanessa


Many are looking at an extended weekend-why not start things off right here with a new JaymeJameson/Priscilla Kelly photoset and s set of pictures from Monday's match?

jayme vs priscilla jayme vs priscilla

We're working at least a portion of the weekend-be close by on the 15th for 5 new matches on SLAMpegs.com!


No other way to look at it-Chelsea Green gets beaten up by Viper in today's new video!

chelsea vs viper chelsea vs viper


Today's new photoset update features Crazy Mary Dobson and Samantha Heights. A high-energy match that you hopefully haven't passed over.

mary vs samantha mary vs samantha


It's Angela vs a masked tormentor from Parts Unknown in today's new match. Camel Clutched and fishooked for days!

angela vs angela vs

Hope that you stopped by over the weekend and saw that we have a new Free Gallery and 30 new matches for sale on SLAMpegs. And, if you're really behind, we've had a new Kharma match available over on SLAMpegs as well.


Last update for the month of March-Nikki Roxx and Shantelle Taylor from a pre-1000s SLAMpeg.

nikki vs shantelle nikki vs shantelle

Get caught up in the Mania and see you Sunday April 2nd for a new set of matches over on SLAMpegs with some debuts and lots of established favorites!


Su Yung tangles with Thea Trinidad in today's new video match.

su vs thea su vs thea

Huge weekend for wrestling on the horizon, so look for the SLAMpegs update to be on Sunday the 2nd. Too much going on the 1st, so we're not going to fool with it.


Reaching back a ways, we've got shots from a match between a couple of ladies that have moved on to bigger things-Jessie McKay and Tenille!

jessie vs tenille jessie vs tenille


Amber O'Neal gets worked over pretty good by Andrea in today's latest match update!

amber vs andrea amber vs andrea

Our upcoming shoots continue to be refined-we've added about 100% more Cat Power to the mix! Check it out.


Third Thursday means intergender and the return of the classics!
It's Stormie Lee taking on Josh Hess and then some great old photos from wrestling's earlier days! Plus a small set of photos from the Monday match.

stormie vs josh classics

Hope that a) you saw our 5 new matches over on SLAMpegs and that b) you've been keeping up with our tweaking of the upcoming shoot lists!


Lots of knocking out in today's new match with Chelsea Green facing Su Yung.

chelsea vs su chelsea vs su


Nowhere else but here-today's photoset with Amanda Rodriguez and Evie!

acr vs evie acr vs evie

Hold on though--there's one more thing...
Check out our shoot list built around SHIMMER and 'Mania and a swell of visiting talent that should be hard to resist! Get caught up in it, keep up with it, live it!


It's Thunderkitty, it's Tracy Taylor and it's today's new match update!

thunderkitty vs tracy thunderkitty vs tracy


Here's March already!
Multi-tiered update with Cherry Bomb facing La Rosa Negra, photos from Monday's Members Match and the compiled Daily SLAMs from January.

bomb vs negra bomb vs negra

Hope that you've caught our latest Free Gallery and that you've checked out all of the new releases over on SLAMpegs with freeks and geeks, debuts and surprises galore!


We're finishing up this short month with a solid match between Devyn Nicole and Vanessa Kraven!
devyn vs vanessa devyn vs vanessa

We also snuck in a new Kharma SLAMpeg-spend $5 and get a match that usually sells for double that and it goes to a great cause! Visit it over on SLAMpegs.
Be here on Wednesday the 1st-lots of new matches and a new Free Gallery too.


Find out who's more limber-Kellyanne or Shazza McKenzie-in today's new gallery!

kellyanne vs shazza kellyanne vs shazza

We've got a new shoot announcment up and more on the way. Before the middle of April we expect to have the likes of LuFisto, Xandra Bale, Kiera Hogan, Stormie Lee, Nina Monet, Cherry Bomb, Saraya Knight, Thunder Rosa, D'Arcy Dixon, and Allie Parker, to name more than a few and to still leave some high-profile ladies out, come by our ring and battle some of the local talents. Once we have the whos and whens firmed up we'll hit you with lists and you can hit us with ideas, but you can begin to plan accordingly on your own...


New Match Day and it's Amy Love taking on Cherry Layne for the belt!

amy vs cherry amy vs cherry


Third Thursday is intergender photoset day and we've got one from an unreleased contest that features Gabi Castrovinci getting tossed around by Chasyn Rance. We've also got another of the recently-revived Classics galleries. Lots of mystery in this one-Any of you old time wrestling fans that can identify any of the unlabeled photos, we'd be much obliged.

gab vs chasyn classics

Hopefully you saw the 5 new matches over on SLAMpegs. Even a short month gets filled with action!


It's New Match Monday!
Check out this battles between Miss Rachel and Sassy Stephie!

ms rachel vs stephie ms rachel vs stephie

New matches coming up on Wednesday over on SLAMpegs-come by and see what 5 new fights we'll have.


Photo update time-If you missed this match, have a gander at the pics from it and see if you might want to add it to your collection. It's Shayna Baszler squaring off against LuFisto and, if you're into mat grappling, there's plenty to be found here!

shayna vs lufisto shayna vs lufisto

Also, we've brought together a small shoot to prime us for the coming mania, so have a look on the Customs page as Angel Willimas returns! Already had a look-see? Check again as things have changed a bit...


We keep diggin' in the vaults and we can come out with some pretty cool stuff. Like today's match between Angela and Shantelle Taylor!

angela vs shantelle angela vs shantelle


First update of February-go and see our gallery of shots from SLAMpeg 2988 with Aerial Monroe and Tracy Taylor. There's also a collection of the first Daily SLAMs of the year!

aerial vs tracy aerial vs tracy


Last update of January-It's Justine Silver taking on Taylor Made!

justine vs taylor justine vs taylor

Fear not though as this will be an action-packed week. Look for new SLAMpegs releases on Wednesday as well as a new Free Gallery!
The see you back again on Thursday for the first update of February.


Two powerhouses square off in today'snew photogallery update-Andrea and Jayme Jameson.

andrea vs jayme andrea vs jayme

And, yes Virginia, there is an upcoming shoot. It's going to be a big list, it's going to be a diverse list and it's going to have time and travel constraints.
As soon as we can wrap our heads around it you can be sure we'll be posting full details.


Start off your week with a match between Jayme Jameson and Leah Von Dutch!

jayme vs leah jayme vs leah


The Third Thursday tradition continues with our lates intergender update--and the return of the Classics galleries!
April Hunter squares off against LT Falk and we've scoured the lands and come up with a few more months worth of hard-to-find (and sometimes hard to identify!) material from the 50s to the near-present.

april vs lt classics

You dig this sort of stuff then please let us know whether we should continue to snoop around for further material from the black and white days. As ever, the offer stands: If you've got a way to get us some high quality scans of great older stuff (or if you want us to scan it and get it back to you even) please contact us and we'll make it worth your efforts.
Also, if you can help identify some of the ones that are currently stumping us please let us know because we love to be organized!

We got pretty busy over the holidays, but we've caught back up and there's a great new Kharma match available over on SLAMpegs.com. $5 for a match that usually sells for twice that and your payments go to charity.


The Monday Match is a fierce battle between Ivelisse and Layne Rosario!

ivelisse vs layne ivelisse vs layne

Over the weekend we posted a 5 match set of new Amber O'Neal SLAMpegs, so please have a look over there as well.


New photoset today from a match we posted a while back between Heidi Lovelace and Leva.

heidi vs leva heidi vs leva


Monday Match Time and we've got Amber O'Neal and Marti Belle!

amber vs marti amber vs marti


The New Year keeps on rolling with our latest gallery-Jessicka Havok takes on Kellyanne.

jessicka vs kellyanne jessicka vs kellyanne

There's also a new free gallery and we collected the Daily SLAM's from last month.

We're stocked back up on a few month's worth of Classic photos. If you'll be looking forward to that as soon as we've scanned and fixed them, can we get a Hell Yeah!


Hope you're having a very New Year!
We're going to kick things off with a new match featuring Allysin Kay and Ray Lyn.

allysin vs ray lyn allysin vs ray lyn

We've also got 30 great new matches available over on SLAMpegs to help usher things in right! It's kind of Blast from the Past update with matches that we somwhow passed over or that were used a giveaways through the years. Please check your own vaults to make sure that you don't already have one or two of them!

And now, a message from our leader:
Happy 2017 everyone!
First and foremost we would like to say a big Thank You to the wrestlers who worked with us in 2016 and the fans who watched, bought and got subscriptions to our site. We couldn't keep the content coming without you guys!

However, we are going to have to make a couple of changes in the new year. Our shoots have become mega-shoots with tons of matches to do and it's really become too much. And too much of a good thing is, well, too much. Too many wrestlers here at one time, too many scripts to try to handle, too many costume changes...you get the drift.
We are going to start cutting down on how many wrestlers we have each shoot and how many scripts we accept. We have always said "First come, first serve" and we are going to have to enforce that going forward. We sometimes do tell people that we are full and turn down outlines, but that is usually after we have oversold and know it's going to be a crazy day.
Our problem is that we want to make the wrestlers as much money as they can while they are visiting, so we sometimes say yes when we should say no. We'll put a limit on how many outlines we take and stick to it. Hopefully cutting back on how many wrestlers we book will help to make everyone money still.

The second change we will be implementing is charging extra for long, involved outlines. If your outline is more than one page (not including outfit requests, etc) then there will be an extra charge. If your outline is scripted move for move, there will be an extra charge. If you make more than one or two changes, there will be an extra charge. We have been super lenient about this but if we are starting to limit how many scripts we will be taking in then we have to charge more for outlines that will require extra time to memorize and work through.

Also, tons of emails...please try to limit your emails to us about customs. We understand that you are excited about seeing your match and want to make sure it is what you want, but the more emails we get from you, the more confusing it can get. We have had upward of 50 + emails from some of you for one 5-7 minute match. It's a little excessive and, frankly, just takes up way too much time. We are only a 2 person company--There is only so much we can do in a day.
These changes should help us and the wrestlers give your match the attention to detail that it may need.

All that being said, we can't say enough about our customers. With a few exceptions (lol), you all are great to work with and we look forward to doing plenty more matches for you and hope that you will continue to enjoy the site as much as we enjoy working on it.

Lexie Fyfe


It's the last Update of 2016-see out the year with shots from a recent release featuring Mercedes Martinez and Su Yung. Also, there's a small gallery from Monday's Members Match.

mercedes vs su mercedes vs su

We'll be back next year with the regular update. Those looking to SLAMpegs for new matches, well, we posted 50 new matches in December and we're going to take a smidge more time before putting out our next batch-look for it sometime during the first week of January. It'll be kind of New Year's Blast from the Past update where we're digging into the archives for some mtches that we missed releasing and some that we're promotional freebies that a lot of the newer fans have never seen. It's surprising how bad our record keeping can get...
Plus we'll have a special State of the Site address from our CEO/MVP, Lexie Fyfe

It was fun and fast year with lots of drama and change, intros and exits, twists and turns. Thanks to all of our fanbase for sticking with us and helping to support this little enterprise that could.
Between competition and trading/pirating being what it is, every sale is important and really does get rolled right back into the company in one way or another. We've got lots more coming up in 2017, so please come along and see the whos and the whats with us, won't you? Please everyone have a fun yet responsible passage from this year into the next and we'll see you when you come out the other side!

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7-02-04 - Our Grand Opening!

No updates yet--We've just opened here! We're starting with:

6 exclusive photo galleries featuring Lexie Fyfe and Fantasia, Lacey and Rain, Jenny Taylor and Krissy Vaine, A J Sparx and Hellena Heavenly, Syren and Amy Love and Lexie vs. Daizee Haze.
1 Move of the Month (The Sharpshooter)
2 exclusive video matches-Angel Williams vs. Tracy Brooks and A J Sparx vs. Hellena Heavenly!

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